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Codesyne believes a proactive approach is required when recruiting and maintaining talent and hires people who will fit into the Codesyne culture. Pending the position and job requirements we hire employees, contractors and out source to 3rd party vendors.

Junior Level

Recent post-secondary graduates who want the challenge to hit the ground running that comes with a smaller production team.


Positive attitude

Excels in team environment

Execute instructions & tasks

Handle steep learning curve

Intermediate Level

Junior level graduates who desire to grow with the company long term and has a firm understanding of Codesyne best practices.


Embraces continued education

Leadership roll with paired juniors

Provide task feedback and estimates

Senior Level

Intermediate graduates who have been with the company for an extended period and is able to execute Codesyne best practices and influence improvement.


Develop projects

Interface with clients

Manage project production

Leadership roll with team

Specialist Level

Time limited contract position who desires to teach others and can challenge and improve Codesyne process and best practices.


Senior level experience

Unique skill contribution

Unique methodology, process and best practices

Embraces teaching roll


Companies that can offer support online services (i.e. Copywriting, SEO, Social Networking, etc) and assist with potential work overflow (back-end, front-end development).


Equipped with talent and tools needed

Adapt to Codesyne best practices

Liaison with clients and Codesyne contact

Meets goals and deadlines

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