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The Codesyne Story
2001 - Present Day

The evolution of Codesyne Inc. began January 1, 2001, as Aholattafun, and was to produce original animation programming and act as a third party production house for larger animation companies on a contract basis. Located in Cambridge, Ontario, in 2003, Aholattafun expanded it's service offerings to include commercial design, print and website development and added 'Creative Solutions' to the company name.

As the internet grew and diversified, so too did commercial demand as Aholattafun Creative Solutions shifted it's focus to online services only of Web Development, Web Design, Hosting, Search Engine Optimization and Social Networking. By 2010 the Internet was a business requirement to not only market and advertise your product or service but to also propel the sales process. Businesses were also looking to integrate internal tasks and work flow into there online process as well. It was this market shift and ten years of listening to consumer's needs that ModuleBlocks was born

In October of 2012, Aholattafun Creative Solutions expanded from a service company to include product offering, and spent 2013 researching and developing the Content Management System - Integration Platform (CRM-IP) of 'ModuleBlocks: Business Applications'. A fresh perspective and new product needed a new company name Codesyne Inc.

Codesyne continues to evolve in 2016 by focusing the service offerings to custom development and content creation and leveraging the success and learnings of ModuleBlocks with such companies as Rockwell Automation and Maple Leaf Foods in to the next step of development and production of ModuleBlocks 2.0.

Steven Ahola
Owner & President

Graduate of Sheridan's famed Classical Animation program in 1998, Steven has worked with well-regarded companies such as Walt Disney Animation (Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas), Nelvana (Franklin, Little Bear, etc.) and the National Film Board of Canada (the sandwich).

In 2001, Steven founded Aholattafun in his hometown of Cambridge, Ontario, offering a wide array of creative, print and online services to companies (i.e. S.C. Johnson, Pointer Avionics, etc.), while still tapping into his creative background with the launch of the Plaque Patrol Kids Club and publishing of the Plaque X comic book in 2003.

With Aholattafun continuing to grow, in 2008, Steven co-founded UberRiff Films with Scott Clevely and David Hopkinson and wrote, directed and co-producted three short films (Life Sucks, Get a Helmet, Agoraphobe & Hope) that successfully gained entry to such film festivals as Toronto Independent, Okanagan International, Hamilton, etc.). In 2012, Aholattafun Ltd. evolved from a service-based company, into including a CMS product offering, along with a name change, Codesyne Inc.

Steven's Experience :

2012 - Present
Owner & President

2008 - 2010

2001 - 2012
Owner & President

1998 - 2000
Senior Illustrator



Company Timeline
2001 - Present Day