Codesyne Careers

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Back-End Developer

Position Overview

This individual's primary responsibility is to build web-based software applications as part of theWeb development team. This individual is responsible for contributing to brainstorming activities, design templates using current industry trends and best practices, testing/debugging, and completing all necessary documentation.

Additional duties include project planning and ticket support, as well as monitoring production to ensure projects stays on time and on budget.


Gathering feedback from design and development staff in regards to website development.

Building reusable code and libraries for future use. (PostgreSQL & Python)

Assisting in project planning and architecture.

Creating prototypes and functional items for web-based projects.

Developing solutions for web-based development problems.

Additional duties as required.

Our Stack:

SQL Knowledge




Flask [Asset but not required].

Javascript [Asset but not required]

Git [Asset but not required]

Front-End Developer

Position Overview

As a Front-End Web Developer this individual must be motivated to combine the art of design with the art of programming. Responsibilities will include translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will produce visual elements of the application.

This individual will work with the UI/UX designer and bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation, taking an active role on both sides and defining how the application looks as well as how it works.


Develop user-facing features

Modern understanding of web stack (i.e. HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery)

Build reusable code and/or libraries for future use

Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability

Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs

Ensure that all user inputs are validated before submitting to back-end

Additional duties as required.

Our Stack:



Javascript (Jquery and/or AngularJS)

Git [Asset but not required]

Template Engines (ex. Django, Jinja2, Twig) [Asset but not required]

Linux System Administrator

Position Overview

The Web Server Administrator is responsible for maintaining the computer networking system in an office environment by tracking server activity, performing upgrades of software, maintaining computer hardware, addressing questions about technical problems, and improving efficiency by evaluating system network functions. The Web System Administrator will work in conjunction with Web Developers, Data Center resources and external vendors.

This position is responsible for monitoring and tuning the system to achieve optimum performance levels. The Web Server Administrator will ensure workstation/server data integrity by evaluating, implementing and managing appropriate software and hardware solutions.


Perform a wide range of system administration duties on web applications (Python, PHP), database servers (MySQL, RDS) and backups (S3), including install, debug, maintain, upgrade, and general tier 3 support, providing assistance to the IT Service Desk for ticket escalations.

Perform regular maintenance on the Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu) Web hosting environments (cPanel, AWS), including software installation, upgrades, and patching.

Support custom development and business activities as they relate to the Web infrastructure, including performing custom application code deployments, assisting with testing and validation, and remediation.

Maintains Web system performance by performing system monitoring, analysis, and performance tuning; troubleshooting system hardware, software and operating systems.

Upgrade and configure system software that supports website infrastructure applications or Content/Asset Management applications per project or operational needs.

Check and analyze operating system or application log files regularly to verify proper system performance.

Assist in developing, implementing, testing and maintaining server level disaster recovery plans.

Perform other duties and/or special projects as assigned.

Office Manager

Position Overview

As Office Manager, this individual will be responsible for maintaining the flow of operations within the company. This individual will be required to facilitate the day-to-day tasks within the company, including coordinating internal meetings to discuss day-to-day tasks and break down new projects, setting up and providing maintenance to the company’s timesheet and project management systems, creating production reports that correlate the timesheet & project management systems, monitoring the progress of team members in their assigned tasks, meeting with and creating project scopes for new and current web design / development clients, and communicating with clients and directing messages to the appropriate parties as necessary.

It is essential that this individual has strong organizational, reporting, decision making, and verbal / written communication skills, as well as be very self sufficient in order to maintain the workflow of the workplace along with fulfilling their own primary duties.


Manage office filing and storage system.

Fax, scan and copy documents.

Organize and schedule meetings.

Create monthly projects on Freshbooks.

Match objectives and goals are met or exceeded.

SRED and other government program management.

Employee recruitment.

Prepare paperwork for hires and terminations.

Company best practise documentation creation.

Order and maintain office supplies.

Research vendors for pricing and delivery options.

Keep office area clean and tidy.

Online Marketing Specialist

Position Overview

As the Online Marketing Specialist, this individual will be responsible for providing clients with a high-quality, up-to-date search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content creation and social networking service. This individual must be a motivated self-starter, as this job requires an abundance of planning and independent work in order to properly service clients. This individual must be strongly focused on establishing client relationships and providing services that exceed the expectations of the client.

This individual must demonstrate the ability to prioritize tasks, as they will always have multiple projects on the go while communicating with all clients they manage on a regular basis. It is essential that the individual is passionate about this role in order to deliver a top-quality service as per the latest online marketing trends. This individual is also responsible for providing insight on how to make websites that are in development more serviceable on search engines, and is responsible for keeping up-to-date on search engine updates to maintain the value of their insight.


Create, optimize, and analyze Google AdWords & Google Analytics accounts on behalf of a client.

Report & communicate analysis conducted on Google AdWords & Google Analytics.

Create, maintain, and analyze Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networking accounts on behalf of a client.

Review & troubleshoot client websites & social media channels to uncover opportunities to improve page rank in search engines, visitor experience, and overall online presence to better achieve online marketing goals.

Manage content creation services for new and existing clients with the goal maximizing their online exposure and ultimately meeting their online marketing objectives.

Provide maintenance to client websites in order to improve their page rank in search engines, improve visitor experience, and improve overall online presence.

Interact with clients to ensure they are achieving their online marketing objectives.

Offer suggestions to clients in regards to ways they can better achieve their online marketing goals.

Research / analyze the industries of new & existing clients to ensure the quality of client experience.

Research / analyze trends in regards to online marketing to ensure that current and future offerings are suited to the needs of clients.

Additional duties as required.

UI / UX Designer

Position Overview

This individual's primary objective is to create intuitive graphic elements and web design for web-based Interfaces and interaction layers using best practices, the latest design trends and all available tools to augment the user experience.

This position is responsible for brainstorming, researching, maintaining timelines within budget, Storyboarding and creating visual solutions based on client-approved scopes or ticket requests. The role also requires a candidate whom is passionate about continuing their skills in relation to fast-paced design industry trends.

UI Design Responsibilities:

Designs, creates and implements graphic elements and other content for use in digital, web and print projects.

Design functional and intuitive cross-platform GUI website layouts for desktop and mobile.

Preparation of files for end use in digital, web or print (physical size, file size, file format, colour format, crop markings, bleeds, placed/linked files etc)

Image retouching and image manipulation.

Develops and implements corporate identity and branding elements.

Additional duties as required.

UX Design Responsibilities

Plan, discuss, and create story-boards and wireframes.

Partner with Interface Architects and Front-End Developers to understand a variety of web technologies, test functional prototypes, and create navigational frameworks for user interfaces.

Contribute to the insights and direction of creative briefs.